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Rodent model for assessing the long term safety and performance of peripheral nerve recording electrodes.

Srikanth Vasudevan, Kunal Patel, Cristin Welle


In the US alone, there are approximately 185 000 cases of limb amputation annually, which can reduce the quality of life for those individuals. Current prosthesis technology could be improved by access to signals from the nervous system for intuitive prosthesis control. After amputation, residual peripheral nerves continue to convey motor signals and electrical stimulation of these nerves can elicit sensory percepts. However, current technology for extracting information directly from peripheral nerves has limited chronic reliability, and novel approaches must be vetted to ensure safe long-term use. The present study aims to optimize methods to establish a test platform using rodent model to assess the long term safety and performance of electrode interfaces implanted in the peripheral nerves.


Floating Microelectrode Arrays (FMA, Microprobes for Life Sciences) were implanted into the rodent …

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Journal of neural engineering





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