Advances in neurotechnology are transforming how we interact with ourselves and the world around us.

Medical devices that interact with the nervous system already bring enormous therapeutic benefit to patients with diseases such as

Closed-loop neural interface technology can offer the ultimate 'precision medicine' - using a patient's own physiology to guide the therapeutic effect.

To fulfill the potential for neural interface technology to benefit patients, a greater understanding of the technology-brain interface is needed. 

Being able to achieve patient-specific interventions requires sensitive, stable measurements of neural physiology with technological solutions that are biocompatible, robust, and effective on chronic timescales. 

In addition, it requires understanding the effect of chronic exposure to neural recording and modulation technology on neural circuits and local tissue.

The BIOElectrics Lab utilizes advanced neuroscience research tools to explore the intersection between technology and brain.

Our goals are to provide new insights into the key factors that make neural interface devices effective, and to use cutting-edge neural technology to learn more about the way our nervous systems function.