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Undergraduate Researcher

Katriana Casey

Katie is in the third year of her undergraduate degree, where she is pursuing a BS in biology. Katie is currently working with Kimberly Gagnon exploring cholinergic modulation of disinhibitory circuits in the motor cortex, specifically during motor learning. She is using in-vivo calcium imaging to record the activity of cholinergic axonal projections in the motor cortex during locomotion. Katie hopes to continue her career exploring systems and computational neuroscience, computer-brain interfaces, and psychophysics.

She previously spent over a year in the lab of Dr Daniel Denman where she aided in the development of a perceptually ambiguous visual discrimination task so that high-density electrophysiology could be used to record from ensembles of neurons across the visual system with aims of determining what aspects of neural representation and interarea routing in early visual system activity correlates with these perceptual changes.

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